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Welcome to omeide

And thank you for buying our box. Here you will find our tips on how to make your own soap in the best way.

And now for the recipe:

Step one:

Provide yourself with the glycerine base and cut the base into small cubes of a few centimetres. The smaller the cubes, the faster the rest!

Place your beautiful cubes in your best pan. Then heat on a low flame. The little cubes will melt and become liquid. Once everything is melted and completely liquid, you can turn off the heat or leave it on very low!

Step two:

In a separate small container, add the essential oil (remove the transparent seal), the mineral powder and a tablespoon of water. Mix well until the mixture is homogeneous. 

Step three:

It is time to add this mixture to the melted base. To do this, pour the contents into the pan containing the liquid glycerine base. Stir until the mixture is homogeneous!

If the mixture thickens (is no longer completely liquid), we invite you to reheat the mixture until it is liquid again!

Then pour the mixture into the moulds. Be careful not to burn yourself, it's very hot! Then leave to rest for 6 hours.

Last step


And unmould. Your soaps are ready to use!